99 word challenge: Remembering….

Eowyn ran his fingers over the boots. They were black, beaten and well worn, simple. He ran his hand over the toe box and remembered the foot that used to wear it. Before the war that foot was cracked and dry from many many hills humped and many packs worn. As he turned and looked at the body before him he couldn’t help but question his decision. This person had shot at him over thirty times. Yes this body meant to kill him as dead as he had accomplished. But this was his father and his death deserved reflection.

5 thoughts on “99 word challenge: Remembering….

  1. While I know there was some love… I did not have a perfect relationship with my own father…

    (I try to be organized and my icon…doesn’t go to my fiction blog- that is here (where I keep most of the Ranch stuff
    Jules in Flashy Fiction – though not always. The links though are always the title when I post at the Ranch. Jewels is just for short verse.)

    Cheers, Jules

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  2. This was an interesting story, Eric. On one level it’s a mystery making us wonder what went on between father and son and on another level it makes us stop and think about our relationships with our own fathers.


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