Don’t Come a-Knockin!#Writephoto

The plane touched down at Heathrow and rolled gently to stop at the private terminal. As the door to the Embraer Praetor 500 dropped Eowyn continued to sit in the cabin. Staring at the black Porsche Cayenne with a look more reserved for a funeral than a ride home.

“I can’t do this,” he said to himself. But there wasn’t anything to be done now. He had to leave Minneapolis quickly after “The Incident”. What he had thought of as voices in his head had turned out to be very real beings. And it bothered him. He didn’t know what it meant an he wasn’t looking forward to finding out. As he sat with his thoughts he failed to notice a woman leave the car and board the plane. She gracefully took the seat across from him.

Suzie (Her call sign, her real name was Rachael) was a woman in her early forties. She took good care of her body and her blond hair was always styled such that many people mistook her for a much younger woman. She sat down in the seat across from him and touched his knee.

“Hello, love.” she took his hand and gradually his eyes met hers. She smiled at him. He tried to smile back. To her, Eowyn looked weighed down by the world.

“So, I hear you found Jesus.” At this, she paused both looked at each other and started to laughed.

“Yeah, Mum turns out he wasn’t really missing.” he paused, “I thought I was crazy. I thought all the voices weren’t real. Turns out all that shit was real.” He eased back into the cushions. “I hear that he made an appearance to Congress yesterday. I guess they are in on the joke now.”

Suzie asked the steward to have the pilots take off again. Once they were feet wet above London she broached the topic she had to meet him to discuss.

“Uh, I need to tell you something Love. With all this craziness going on I need you to know everything. The Guardian did some digging and…” She smiled to hide the pain. “They are are going to report you are not my biological son.”

There was an immense amount of silence between them at this point. One doesn’t just respond to such news quickly. Eowyn watched the skyscrapers of the City of London pass by through the clouds. After what seemed like hours he spoke.

“So you adopted me?” He said flatly.

“Yes baby” She replied.

He thought it over for several minutes. She had CHOSEN him. He thought. Turning to her he feared the answer to the next question.

“OK, so if you adopted me. Was my father really my father?”

The sadness that showed in her eyes told him everything. She leaned in.

“I chose you Eowyn. I have loved you all your life. You father. Well. He is your biological father.” She said plainly.

“I was hoping you would say no. Who is my mother?” He asked.

“Your mother is Hailie Windsor. And it’s a fucked up story Love.” She replied. She sat back and began the story that she had held for years.

Hailie was a bright and very happy 14-year-old girl. She was visiting the US as an exchange student and was attending Elevate Academy with her host families oldest daughter. She enjoyed being away from Buckingham with all the rules and prescribed lifestyle. Her mother was second in line from the throne so she had a certain level of anonymity that her older cousins did not enjoy. And she used that to play volleyball. She was very good at the sport and she quickly found herself starting for the Stars.

Another person noticed her as well. The new social studies teacher has her in his class. He noticed her beautiful smile and very courteous hello when she entered his classroom. But he also noticed her body. She had ample bosom and perfect hips. In short, he spent his days fighting the urge. He wanted her. He thought of her day and night.

The two found themselves on the same trip to a tournament. He was lying on the couch in his hotel suite when the door knocked. It was Hailie and she was drunk.

He tried to send her back to her room. But she slid past him into his room. Surrendering he went back to the television hoping that ignoring her she would leave. She laid next to him and touched him. He didn’t stop her. It had been too long for him. Besides she was 17 more than old enough to know what she was doing. He raped her more than once that weekend. She didn’t see it as such but he knew what was happening.

She was soon pregnant. It was a scandal. She knew she couldn’t keep the child. So her host family helped her to quietly hide her pregnancy and to put the child up for adoption. The teacher in the meantime had moved on. He had married a strong will woman who turned out to be a British Operative. Although he never knew it. It was quickly surmised by MI6 that the child was Royal. And that child needed to be protected…in case. So Susie quietly went down to St. Joseph’s and adopted the baby and raised it as her own. The baby’s name was Charles, such a stupid name she thought. She renamed the baby Eowyn in memory of her beloved Highlands.

“So I was tasked with adopting and raising you. I just didn’t expect to love you like I do” She said caressing his cheek. She had finished. Eowyn sat stunned. It was all too much.

“You risked your family’s reputation to care for me?” He said quietly. “My father was a terrorist. You had every reason to dump me but you didn’t!” He reached out and touched her hand and caressed it. Her skin was flawless and her nails perfectly manicured and polished with a ruby red stain. He looked into her eyes and loved her like he had never loved her before. She had chosen to be his mother. “So why tell me this story now?”

“You mother was outed today Eowyn.” She sat back and let that sink in.

“But you said yourself she gave me up.” He responded. “Let her lie in her bed.”

Susie stood up and rubbed her eyes. “You of all people should understand that being in the royal household she had no other choice. The level of shame she would have brought could have brought down the Queen.”

Eowyn wasn’t having it. “But then Aunt Charlotte’s family would not have died in that terrorist incident. Besides she doesn’t know I exist. She doesn’t know right mother?”

Susie looked down at the white carpeting in the plane’s cabin. What a stupid color for the plane she thought to herself. She tried to come up with a lie but lying at this point was senseless now. “You mother, the Queen, the whole household knows all about you. You mother was thrown out of the family. Of course, an excuse was created by your friend Duncan no less. And she went onto get married. She has 4 children you know. But with the article coming out. There can be no hiding anymore love. Her claiming you seals your claim to the throne Love. Don’t hate her love. It has killed her not having you near her. But that is about to change.” She said this as if both of them would just go along with it.

“What the fuck do you mean about to change?” Eowyn understood his mother was a spook. He just didn’t like her tactics.

“She is in the car at the airport Love.” She sat back down and grabbed both his hands. “Can you please promise me that you will at least try.” She grabbed his head and looked into his eyes. “I will always be your mother. I raised you. You have my name. You are mine. But she is your birth mom. Just…try?” She finally let the tears flow.

The rest of the flight was in silence. As the plane rolled up into the hangar that Porshe Cayenne took on new meaning. He stared at it for what seemed hours. He then with authority stood, kissed his mother and quickly exited the plane.

There are walks we take quickly but wish that we could take slowly. He opened the door and sat down. There before him was his mother. He just sat there staring at her. The first thing he noticed was that her makeup was perfect. She had given thought to today. He ivory face was full and beautiful framed by long auburn hair. Her brown eyes danced with the brightness that both expressed joy and hurt.

Extending her hand she broke the silence. “Hi, I’m Hailie, I am your mom.”

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