Darkness before the Dawn

Eowyn played with Ono’s black silky hair as she slept. Being with her was natural. They had been through everything together and this…just completed him. But looking outside at the darkening Scottish landscape he knew it was time to leave. This wasn’t his home but someone else’s and he needed to find home again. So he got up.

Getting up had always meant something to Eowyn. He knew if he could just get up he could still do something about the situation he was in. After dressing he decided to walk down to the head butlers office. There as ever was the ever faithful William.

“Good evening sir how can I help you?” The exhaustion on his face was clear. “I think its time to go home. Where ever that is?” At this William’s demeanor perked up. “I am so glad to hear that much of the staff has their primary residences in London and we haven’t seen our families since coming here.” Eowyn had never been to London and it seemed thousands of miles away. “How do I know I won’t hate it as much as I hate being here?” William smiled at that. “This is your mum’s place. It’s her childhood. London is a very large version of Minneapolis with shopping, restaurants, and events.” Eowyn spilled cold water over the whole idea. “Parliament is there. I don’t know if I am ready to fight them yet.” At this William sat back and pondered. “If I were you, and thank God I am not. I would choose to do nothing until the fall. I would take the spring and summer and have Duncan tutor you on affairs of state, and I would have Sydney tutor you in finance. You would at least have a fighting chance.”

Eowyn thought this over walking back to his room. He really could use the change of environment and London was far enough away from his mother to give him room. He needed to learn to be his own man. Stopping and turning back to William’s office he ducked in and made his decision. “William, how soon can I go home to London?” William beamed at this. “Young master you can fly home in the morning!” Eowyn thought for a moment. “Let’s go home, William.” And with that, he returned to Ono.

Stirring from well-earned sleep Ono turned and looked at Eowyn as he returned to bed. “Where have you been Eowyn Hunter?” Eowyn crawled into bed kissed her and announced the next plan. “We are going home to London in the morning. Our clothing and gear will follow.” Ono was happy but surprised. “And your mother?” Eowyn turned to look out across the glens below. “Mom’s place is here. Here is where she will stay.” And with that, they went to sleep. A big day was in the offing.

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